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Departure shares Qiongzhou cultural style street Qiqiao Festival successfully ended

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 On the evening of August 28, 2017, it was hosted by Hainan Qicheng Asset Management Co., LTD餐饮Management Co., LTD., Hainan Flower World co-organized the "Qiongzhou Cultural style Street Begging Festival" in Haikou Qiongzhou Cultural style Street, nearly 100 friends came to the scene to participate in the activity, personally experienced the traditional begging culture and rich folk colors of the game, while tasting a number of ethnic characteristics美食

People walk in the picture

  The address of the "Qiongzhou Cultural Style Street Festival" is chosen in the Qiongzhou Cultural style Street located in Binjiang Road, Haikou City, not only because the street itself is a national 3A scenic spot, but also because it has been identified as the "Fucheng Flower Exchange Festival ** venue", with a strong love culture base。By holding the Qixi Begging Festival activities here, the Li nationality long table banquet, Fucheng Flower Exchange Festival, Mongolian roast whole sheep ceremony and other customs and cultures with local characteristics are integrated into the traditional festivals, and strive to create a political festival in Qiongshan District of Haikou City旅游Inject a new energy。While providing a platform for the citizens of Haikou to celebrate the Qixi Festival, the rich Qiqiao culture also makes friends who love traditional culture understand how ancient people celebrated the Qixi Festival, and have well inherited, protected and developed the traditional Qixi Festival culture。

Cowherd and Weaver girl melodrama

  A "Qixi" broken people's hearts,Cowherd and weaving girl meet each other and keep the beautiful love staged,It kicked off the whole evening,Cowherd and weaving girl with vivid and vivid interpretation,The origin of the "Tanabata Festival" slowly way;Then a "worship ceremony" was held on site.,They came to Qiongzhou cultural style street in the "Magpie bridge Moon Pond",Through worship, winding red rope and other activities in front of the elderly wish,Hang a wish sign,I believe that the old man will also bless the wishes of the believers as soon as possible。Then a dinner event was held on the Folk stage of Style Street. A long table banquet was full of special dishes, such as delicious Sashimi from Wagyu Yusheng Restaurant, Wuzhishan Chicken from Jinshuijiang Restaurant 鱻, roasted whole sheep from Mongolian Daying Food Garden, Hainan Wanning rice from Niu Ge's family, etc. The friends were full of praise。

  In the interactive part of the activity, friends at the scene also personally experienced the bamboo pole dance with Li nationality characteristics and the activities of the city flower Change Festival。The enthusiastic rhythm of the bamboo pole dance narrowed the distance between strangers, and the flower changing activity also made the couples and single friends feel the sweetness of love, especially to congratulate the single friends on the scene to find their happiness through flower changing。Then the friends at the scene participated in the "garden activities", experienced the needle begging, needle testing, hand grinding music and other small games, and won many small gifts and surprises。** By a "play花灯The "ceremony" ended the evening's activities, and let the friends at the scene make a wish, pray through the lanterns, and wish their wishes could be realized as soon as possible。

Pray to the old man

Roast the whole sheep ceremony

Long table dinner

Li nationality bamboo pole dance

Change flowers to convey love

Display festive lanterns

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